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Vo IP solutions aimed at businesses have evolved into unified communications services that treat all communications—phone calls, faxes, voice mail, e-mail, Web conferences, and more—as discrete units that can all be delivered via any means and to any handset, including cellphones.

Two kinds of competitors are competing in this space: one set is focused on Vo IP for medium to large enterprises, while another is targeting the small-to-medium business (SMB) market.

Rather than closed architectures, these devices rely on standard interfaces.

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In 2008, 80% of all new Private branch exchange (PBX) lines installed internationally were Vo IP.

Communication on the IP network is perceived as less reliable in contrast to the circuit-switched public telephone network because it does not provide a network-based mechanism to ensure that data packets are not lost, and are delivered in sequential order.

It is a best-effort network without fundamental Quality of Service (Qo S) guarantees.

These protocols can be used by a Vo IP phone, special-purpose software, a mobile application or integrated into a web page.

Vo IP protocols include: Mass-market Vo IP services use existing broadband Internet access, by which subscribers place and receive telephone calls in much the same manner as they would via the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

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